Mixed media artist and ​all round designer creating original graphics for Print, Web, Motion & Live projects. Visual explorer since analog times, I work with various techniques which I often blend into the​ projects I develop.

This website aims to be home to all my creations and interests,
enjoy the journey!


All round Freelance Designer with over 20 years of experience in researching, conceptualizing, developing and implementing solutions for graphics, print and web. Works include developing a brand logo from the start and designing marketing strategic as well as print and web promotional materials such as websites and catalogues and booklets…


Logo design, branded graphics and content creation, social media strategy and plan…
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Books, magazines, brochures, booklets, posters, flyers, banners, merchandising…
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Web design & implementation in HTML or WordPress. Newsletter & Ecommerce Set Up.
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ArtWorks for events and festivals.

Video Projections

Film, motion graphics & animation for videos, Live VJ and Video Mapping sets.
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Light works

Creative light elements, light manipulation, shadow projections, technical assistance.
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Décor & Signage

Murals, signs, furniture and boards drawing & painting, fabric décor, stencils, lettering.
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Art making is naturally to me, it’s how I express and REcreate myself.


Sketch books, paintings, digital & original, hand writings, illustrations…
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Collages, assemblages, crochet, weaving, upcycling…
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Black & white, analogue series, digital series, collections…
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Film & Motion Graphics

I started making videos when my father first bought a video camera back in the 90’s and I haven’t stopped since.

Short Stories

Sketch books, paintings, digital & original, hand writtings, illustrations…
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Collages, assemblages, crochet, weaving, upcycling…
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Black & white, analog series, digital series, collections…
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Ds WAY has been many ways and will always be my way. The website is currently in transformation phase but I keep working with the community sharing my skills AllWays .


Upcycling Art & Crafts workshops and activities.


Trends, themes, tools, artists, events, research…


Collaborative projects for the better good of all!

Vestya Shop is my online clothing shop based on sustainable principles, created to help us all become more conscious creators and consumers.

All products are from certified sources and made to order so no waste is created