Born artist, licensed designer
& nature lover at heart.


Conceived in the woods of Sintra on new years eve and born in September 1981, Lisbon, Portugal. Daughter of an artistic father and a brainy mother, raised with younger sister in the countryside. My parents had a ceramic factory and I grew up wandering around the village's nature, playing with earth and developing a DIY attitude.

During primary school and inspired by my grandmother I started creating theatre plays and set designs for our performances at the local theatre. Later, when my father bought a video camera, I started editing and mixing my captured shots in VHS tapes. I followed Arts in High School where together with a few friends and teachers we created a print screen studio and a black & white photography lab where I learnt to develop analogue film. I later graduated in Product Design from Lisbon's Architecture University, where I gained experience in working with wood, metal, ceramics and resin, meanwhile developing my project skills and know-how. While at university I also worked in the video department, learnt animation, film editing and started VJing in events.

I lived in London for nearly 10 years where I developed my freelance skills, collaborating with diverse cultural projects, designing for agencies, other artists and also developing art for print, digital and live settings. Meanwhile, I learnt the importance of teamwork, resilience, upcycling, reusing, foraging, social art projects and the power of community.

I've since been back in Portugal where I keep doing what I love collaborating and sharing my heART.

All round Designer: Creative Research; Project conception, prototype and model making; Digital, Print, Motion & Web Design; Art Direction and Tutorship; Artists Manager and Curator; Live VJ and Video Mapper. Languages: Portuguese and English.

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere; Resolume Arena; Microsoft Office...

Visual explorer & incessant collector of images either via photography, video or illustration. REcreator: Since I remember I reuse all I can, from waste materials to art, from analogue to digital... Foraging wild plants and mushrooms; permaculture; swimming; children and old people care; kitchen assistant; real time translator; upcycled arts & crafts; crochet.

Prisma Art Light Tech Festival 2021-2022, Sacred Fire @Boom Festival 2022, Shangri-la @ Glastonbury Festival 2019, Chill Out Gardens @ Boom Festival 2018, La Fumisterie @ Waking Life Festival 2018, Lisbon Busking Festival 2016-2019, Being Gathering 2017, Mó Vegan Bistro, Good Mood, Galactic Morning, Tamera, Run for the Hills, Teatro O Nariz, Millington Associates, TimeBank, Reignite Action for Development, Jack Liberties, Experimenta Design, Kalimodjo, Quarta Parede, Quinto Andar...