♡ May Love be with(in) you ♡

From the very first second, 2016 was screaming “Expect the unexpected & move on” and what an amazing journey it was! Filled with surprise twists, visions, and synchronicity, all connected through massive waves of pure energy and unconditional love. The ride was a real wild one and I experienced the polarities of every breath in each step of the way. Sometimes overwhelming, often confusing but nevertheless unique and special.
I learned that often the best reward comes from the biggest challenge but we must stand for our values and honor our growth to fully understand and accept both the patterns and cycles so that we can really earn it and most of all learn from it.
After a rebirth in 2015 a whole new reality has been unfolding and although I’m still learning to fly, I know now change won’t come only from my imagination and thoughts but also my words and silence, moreover, it won’t be manifested solely through my will but mainly my actions and attitudes. I’m aware of how much more I can do but I’m also humble in recognizing both my and others limits and rhythm.
I feel blessed to have seeded new ground, contemplated so many flowers blooming and harvested rare delicious fruits. Thank you all who’ve crossed my way and made my day! I have met so many amazing humans this year and I’m thankful for the inspiration from each one of you!
I wish the new year will bring us clarity, unity, and strength to manifest the new world so many of us are dreaming. Let us break the walls, light each other’s shadows and embrace one another in trust.

♡ May Love be with(in) you ♡

*** May your ♡ work too ***


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