“100pressões” painting

“100pressões” is a translucent plastic canvas mounted on a handcrafted black frame, using spray, acrylic paint, chinese ink, markers, brushes, tree branches and leaves.

The title´s translation is “100pressions” and it’s a double word game, as in Portuguese we read “100” the same way we read “without” and I play visually with the similarities between “100” an “Im”, so you interpret it as you see it, 100 pressions, no pressions, impressions…

It’s really about the impressions we receive and the ones we cause within our environment and nature, through our choices, gestures and steps along the way. How aware are we about what we take in? And what about our own butterfly´s effect?

The creative process started a couple of years ago, while working on the Trashion Tribe collection, an exploration of plastic material that got me experimenting with paint, collages and other mixed media techniques over discarded plastics.

For the “100pressions”, I´ve used a big clear plastic bag as a canvas, stenciled some plants and drew over it with ink and marker pens, leaving clear parts purposely so that we can see through or even play with lights and colours behind, a bit like a window, we can say in a way, that it is a 2D piece with 3D potential, as you could walk around it.

As it was chosen to integrate the 100×100 Exhibition, I´ve decided to frame it and with the essential help of a good family friend, we built a frame that allows it to stay suspended, with empty space on both sides, so that even when hung against a wall, it will move with the air flow as it is breathing with life.


“100pressões” was in exhibition and for sale during the 100×100 Collective Painting Exhibition,  at the Jaime Lobo e Silva Culture House, Orlando Morais Municipal Gallery from 9/11 to 10/10 in Ericeira, Portugal. Here are some more photos from the exhibition.