Decorative Painting & Sign Making @ Boom Festival 2022

It is always with great joy that I take part in Boom Festival production as it gives me the opportunity to grow myself doing what I love,  surrounded by creative people and beautiful nature.

In 2022 I had the honour of being invited to work with the Sacred Fire area, one that is well close to my heart. My role as main decorative painter and sign maker allowed me to develop my often shy painting and show it to thousands of visitors. This humble experience had its challenges but I keep looking forward to overcoming any in this magic place.

My work included managing painting requests from our team together with a volunteer, managing and ordering painting resources, assisting and consulting other parts of the team, designing and executing decorative painting in bar and toilet structures, furniture and all area specific signage.

I also worked during the festival, maintaining and supervising the area, assisting people and fixing things.

All the signs were handwritten and painted, reusing wood shapes from previous years in tune with Sacred Fire reusing spirit. The programmes were designed by me and printed.

I’ve also painted the Sacred Fire bar and the very last Being Fields Toilet continuing a previous drawing.

And I was ever so pleased to see the lights I’ve created back in 2018 being reused in The Gardens (Previously The Chill Out Gardens).