REcreate Kiosk




A meeting point for sharing ideas & skills on how 2 create wealth from waste through arts & crafts.


The REcreate Kiosk was a winning idea I presented at the Canning Town Caravanserai, part of the Fringe Festival 2012 and for which I was awarded a kiosk for 3 months where I developed arts & crafts entirely made from disused packages and other waste materials meanwhile giving workshops and activities to engage the community.





On display were both clean materials and unique finished upcycled pieces. People were invited to bring and trade their own rubbish for something, transform it in the kiosk’s REcreate area or simply support the idea and buy for example a crochet wallet made from plastic bags or a bottle top designed pin.


Although the affluence of people was not much, everyone passing by would have a surprise reaction and approach me with curiosity and interest. A few community members did became regular and would come to crochet or join me in the daily activities.

Since, I have taken the REcreate Workshop to several community events and flea markets.


Material collections




Upcycled pieces









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.  REcreate WorkShops @ Bromley by Bow, London, UK

Scarce Times: Alternative Futures, invited by 00:/ and alma-nac to support their (winning) Bow DIY pitch by presenting our REcreate Kiosk project to the local community at the Ghandi Foundation, Kingsley Hall, Bromley by Bow, London.

The event focused on revealing and connecting local assets, skills and resources, using the DIY Day as a tool for testing local appetite for exchange and jumpstarting connections between diverse networks.