Windmill flower fields

Windmill flower fields is an art installation inspired on the Chinese Proverb “When winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills”.

It’s a garden of crafted flowers made of branches & upcycled papers from magazines and cardboard.
Each is handmade with love, planted with care and watered by the wind, a seed for welcoming change and hopefully bearing fruits of awareness, sustainability and cooperation.

A field of audiovisual movement where the wind is materialized through sounds and hypnotic visuals created by the spinning of the wheels. This piece invites you to contemplate and, whether you walk around, sit underneath or stare at a single one, you can become aware of the subtle changes happening around even if only a breeze flows. You may derive a sense of relaxation from this, possibly entering a sort of meditation while transcending the mind’s chatter.

By allowing movement it embodies change in itself, flowing with it when the wind blows but also staying still in acceptance while the wind drifts in other directions. A reminder that in life all that goes up, comes down and as in the wheel of fortune, change is unavoidable.

The choice to use discarded papers and cards to build this installation is connected with the personal quest of reducing my ecological footprint meanwhile promoting upcycle as a crafts common practice.

I believe art is a powerful mean of transformation, not only of the subject but the matter too, and one of the most effective ways to create awareness and impulsion change; By using materials that have been scavenged, artists & craft makers can deconstruct the past and make a strong statement about the present, meanwhile inspiring others to see the future through a new lens.

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