Refurbish & Decor @ Being Gathering 2017

I feel truly blessed for doing what I love, surrounded by beautiful environments, meeting such inspirational human beings and keeping a strong connection with all others [plants, lizards, dragonflies, grasshoppers…]. BEing myself really comes easy when all around me is nature, art & love… syncing happens so effortlessly it feels like magic!
Here are some photos from the 2017 Being Gathering and the grocery I helped to set up including some of my ♥works with long all others ♥s.

I wish to thank all the amazing beings who crossed my ways and made my days in the beautiful land of Boom throughout the three weeks I breathed, lived & created there. It was a humbling experience to meet you all, share laughs, dances and co-create a festival so filled with ♥ You’re truly an inspiration to create art ♥ nature and I look forward to seeing these seeds bloom in the future!