REcreate Workshops @ Boom Festival 2022

I was delighted to receive the invitation for the REcreate Workshops to go to Boom Festival in 2020, but as it all came to a stand still during pandemic times, it only happened in 2022.

It was then, filled with excitement that I joined the Young Dragons area dedicated to all the Boom’s children and got blown away by the kids’ creativity and interest in most of the sessions. 

As I worked onsite previous to the festival, I had the chance to keep some waste materials as cardboard, plastics and loo rolls, and the organisation provided painting materials and glue so that we spent some fun time creating card puppets and set designs for made up stories and tales to tell.

I also gave an adult session at the Boomers Council that became a sharing circle of experiences from me and the participants with different upcycle techniques and materials.