“Guarda Tempos” Theatre Video Projection

“Guarda Tempos” (The Keeper of Times)  is a mute physical theatre piece about the several meanings of the word “tempo”, the passage of time and ageing, the weather and its seasons and how in the end, we hope time will heal all. 

I participated in the conception of the story and created a digital set projected in the background for each scene, helping to tell the story and the many sides of time. We also had a video mapping detail in the stage’s only element and an interactive closing scene using an overhead projector to play with floral elements and the public participation. The show had live music all along.

The premier was on 27th March 2022, Quartel das Artes, Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal.

 *All photos above sourced from facebook and copyrighted to their authors. Below photos from the rehearsals made by me.