Cigi Pals

An ever growing family of illustrated characters created from the inside of cigarette packages and other wasted materials.



I met this creatures years ago, while seating with Tomo, in London.

DSC_0119 (9)

I often take them for walks from where they follow their own paths & go to live lives of their own.


Sometimes we meet again,
other’s we’ll never will.

They love traveling, so if you would like to take one in a journey, get in touch!


20150120_162926 20150120_162435 20150120_140432 20150120_140335 20150120_140223 20141201_1507011

I keep a photo from almost all I have created and recently started to print some t-shirts with them.

If you would like one, email me your post address, which cigi pal, t-shirt size & color, trade proposal or make a minimum donation of £25