Lavender Crafts

I have upcycled and reused all sort of materials to create art in the past but I must say that more and more I’m loving to grow my own art materials and sharing it with all living beings along the way. So for the last couple of years, I’ve been growing lavender [among other things] in my grandmothers garden and I have enough now to feed bees and also dry and grind it so that I can use it in my πŸ’œ.

One thing I’ve always loved as a child was to open the closet and feel the sweet lavender fragrance. I also remember grandmother Lula giving me little bags to put under my pillow, as she used to say “it’s the smell of fairies and they will help you sleep”.

My very first creation with lavender was a very special one, I called it La Van Dula and is a hand puppet.

I then started making little mandalas crochet balls

Recently, I’ve been doing hand painted lavender bags in collaboration with a dear friend who sewed them. As I’ve learned more about the lavender scent, I’ve found that indeed, it relaxes and also improves breathing so it’s excellent to have under our pillow. Besides that, it’s also commonly used to keep clothes moth free and smelling good when used inside a closet or drawer.

And now I’ve started a new series of soft toys called Alpha Zemas which I crochet and fill with my homegrown purple gold πŸ’œ

All of these are available at Ds WAY Shop, if out of stock, get in touch and I will custom make one for you πŸ˜‰