“Borderless D:vision” Video Mapping @ Prisma / Art Light Tech 2022

Having participated with my short video “The Search” in the School of Video Mapping with Luca Pulvirenti from Mammasonica in the 2021 edition of Prisma / Art Light Tech Week in Aveiro, Portugal; In 2022, I was invited to enter a competition for which I created a storyboard together with a 1 minute preview of “Borderless D:vision”. This was the awarded piece and I had the honour to develop it further into a 3 minute video piece and be invited as guest for this year’s festival. I’m deeply thankful for this opportunity and all the blessings that came with it!

Borderless D:vision is a short video with original music by Pedro Campos, exploring the meanings and source of what I’ll call the “Border Paradox”, which states that every edge or boundary not only divides but also unites and is the meeting point of both parts.

Perhaps our feeling of division starts at cellular level, when the first cell divides into many, that’s when “I become another” for everyone. It might be hard not to see borders when we grow within a body, protected and limited by our biggest organ, the skin, which is our first external frontier in a way, but just as the ocean that keeps continents apart also joins them, our skin is also how we touch and feel everything, and no matter how many roads, countries or seas we cross, we’ll all come from the same source.

Created in response to this year’s Prisma 2022 theme “Fortress Europe” this short aims to question the origin and use of borders, frontiers and boundaries through mixed media videos that keep metamorphosing and bending the structural building and mind of the audience while taking them on a journey through human made walls into the cells that make us who we are and also everything around us.

Borderless D:vision Storyboard

Photos from my previous video “The Search” were used for this edition programme and promotion